December 31, 2015

MENASHA, WI - December 31, 2015. Menasha Mayor Don Merkes has officially launched his reelection campaign, submitting more than 265 signatures nominating him for a third term. The signatures were collected by a team of 20 supporters who brought in 30% more than the number required, gathered during the busy holiday season.

There have been marked improvements in Menasha’s fortunes during Merkes’s tenure, including reduction of some $10 million in city debt since 2011, robust housing growth on the east side, and a remarkable renaissance of the city’s downtown commercial district. Tax rates have been stable, the city’s credit rating restored to investment grade, and the city has maintained its array of quality services and amenities that make it a great place to live, work and play.

Merkes has made open government a high priority. He was an early advocate of televising the regular meetings of the Menasha Common Council and has made it a policy to place full agendas and supporting documents on the City’s web site ahead of each meeting. The City will roll out a fresh new web site this year, with enhanced features to help residents interact with their city government online. But there’s no substitute for face to face contact, Mayor Merkes maintains an open door policy, making himself available to meet with civic groups and individual residents on a regular basis, as well as by appointment during times city hall isn't open to better meet resident's schedules.

I believe in this community and the ability of the people of Menasha to do great things,” says Merkes. He goes on to say, “Though we’ve made substantial progress, we must continue to work together to maintain the momentum growing in Menasha. We’re building a new image for our community as we increase access to our waterfront, reduce our debt level, and continue to increase commercial development throughout Menasha. We’re attracting more homeowners to rehab and upgrade our older neighborhoods, and we’ll grow our tax base as we build vibrant neighborhoods and see increasing prosperity across the city.”

Mayor Merkes sums it up by saying, “Menasha has a lot going for it. Let’s keep moving forward together.”



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