February 09, 2015

Another hit on recycling that even the Grinch wouldn't be proud of. The proposed State of Wisconsin budget cuts the recycling grant program by $4 million in the first year of the biennium. The current funding level is $19 million, with a $1 million bonus grant for responsible units that work cooperatively. The budget proposal would reduce the funding level from $19 million to $15 million in the first year of the biennium. In the second year of the biennium the Governor is recommending that the funding level be restored back to $19 million. The Governor also recommends retaining the $1 million bonus grant for cooperating responsible units in both years of the budget. For historical perspective purposes, in 2008 the funding for this grant program was at $32 million.

What does this mean for Menasha? About 20% of our program is funded through this program so any cuts in grants will make it even more difficult for us to increase frequency in the future.

Call your representative and let them know that recycling is important to you!


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