July 20, 2012

A continuation of the conversation regarding a potential renovation project at Menasha High School will be held as a part of the MJSD Board meeting on Monday July 23th at 7:00PM.  As we all know the quality of our schools and learning environment play a role in the quality of life here in Menasha as well as our housing values.  The district is talking a carefully though out path to better understand what the best route is to ensure that we have a school that effectivly serves our student population for years to come.

Our current high school, built in 1938, has served our community well.  Menasha has undoubtably one of the most beautiful schools in the area on the exterior.  The plans attached to the agenda Option 4 Plans.pdf (3,611 KB) show expansion and renovation of the existing building.  Hopefully with renovations the school can serve our community another 50 years.
A team from the district office, Miron Construction and PMA will facilitate board dialog on this matter with the following objectives serving as the discussion outline:
  • Review the conceptual design updates for options to renovate & expand MHS at a lower cost;·        
  • Understand the differences between these options at a 50,000 ft. level;·        
  • Review the updated cost estimates and preliminary tax impact scenarios associated with the updated options;·        
  • Discuss/address general aesthetic concerns expressed by the Board about possible renovations and expansion;·        
  • Gather Board input to support the development of the community survey
At various points during the conversation the team will be asking for specific feedback from board members, however, the board will not take formal action on any project proposals/options.

It must also be noted that construction costs/estimates and levy considerations are in the final stages of preparation for discussion and will be presented for first viewing on Monday evening.  


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