October 14, 2011

The USPS has recently announced that they will be moving carriers home base from the Menasha Post Office to the Neenah Post Office.  Our alderman, and myself believe that this is a detriment to our community, and furthermore doesn't save money to help the situation that the USPS is in right now, and in fact may cost more in the long run.  I drafted a resolution along with Ald. Sevenich opposing such a move.  Postal carriers will be holding a rally Oct 22nd at 12:30 in front of the Post Office, join them to show your support for our community Post Office.

Opposing USPS transfer of carrier routes from Menasha Post Office to Neenah Post Office
Whereas, the USPS is a self sufficient entity receiving no taxpayer subsidy, and;
Whereas, the USPS is currently facing a deficit due to federally mandated overpayments to the
CSRS Pension Fund and FERS Retirement Fund, and declining first class mail volume, and;
Whereas, the USPS has given notice to carriers that Menasha city letter carrier routes will be
transferred to the Neenah Post Office, and;
Whereas, the USPS has not shared information regarding potential cost savings through this transfer,
Whereas, USPS employees have identified areas where the cost of service is likely to increase due to
the transfer including mileage and loading time, and;
Whereas, building facilities and parking may be insufficient for the added staffing at the Neenah
location requiring additional renovation costs, and;
Whereas, the Menasha Post Office is owned by the USPS where the Neenah facility is leased, and;
Whereas, the Menasha Post Office is a community landmark listed on the National Register of
Historic Places, and;
Whereas, the Menasha Post Office is larger than the Neenah facility and has the ability to bring in
additional revenue through rental income, and;
Whereas, the Menasha Post Office houses an extremely lucrative bulk mail operation that could be
jeopardized, and; 
Whereas, the loss of a fully functioning post office in Menasha is detrimental to economic
development and business retention
Whereas, the loss of jobs at the Menasha Post Office will be detrimental to existing businesses in our
downtown and efforts to attract additional businesses
Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Menasha City Council opposes the transfer of carrier routes
to the Neenah facility due to the detrimental effects to the business community, community image,
and lack of demonstrated financial savings.