September 30, 2011

Public power works in Menasha, founded in 1906 Menasha Utilities has provided the citizens of our community with reliable cost effective electric, water, & telecommunications utilities.  These services form the foundation for our daily activities and give our community a competitive edge for buisness.    Residential customers see an average savings of almost $200 annually on their electric bill in comparison to neighboring communities that are not public power communities.  In addition, the city receives over $1 million in payment in lieu of property tax that helps provide service and reduce our residential and commercial property tax.

In celebration of our Public Power Community status Menasha will again be celebrating Public Power Week October 3rd-7th stop by to see what your utility has to offer.  Starting Monday they will be giving out energy conservation kits including compact fluorescent lights, power strips, & nightlights; there is a limited supply so get there early.