July 15, 2011

Men In Suits, makers of disco beats and dancing feet, have been spinning their musical mirror ball since the spring of 2008 mixing classic disco and funky grooves with modern hits plus original tunes, propelling the night into dance party fever.  Combine a thumpin' rhythm groove with a tight horn section, toss in a couple of suave lady killers on the mic and you've got the recipe for a Men In Suits style night!  Performing July 21st 6:00 PM at Curtis Reed Square Downtown Menasha and a favorite at clubs, pubs, festivals, and patio loungers all over the midwest you'll find Men In Suits-

"The Well Suited Disco-Funk Revolution!"

With a reputation for sensation, these immaculately well-dressed Men In Suits bring an interactive disco-funk experience to your location, no matter the situation.  It's Studio 54 at your back door!  So dust off your platform shoes and put on your shiny jewels 'cause the Men In Suits are getting their boogie on and want you to take part.  Dig?


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