July 16, 2011

The Hane Daiko group will bring their lively form of traditional Japanese Drumming to Menasha on
July 18th with a free performance at Menasha High.  Hane Daiko , “Jumping Drum” from Choshi City in Chiba Prefecture, recently lent their high energy drumming to the opening ceremony of the Japan National Handicapped Games in Chiba City, Japan.

Program for the evening: 

6:30 PM  - Opening comments from Hishou Daiko

6:40 PM  - Presentation of $60,000 donation to MJSD’s Japanese  Language Program by the Japan Forum. Presented by Ms. Keiko Mizuguchi, Secretary General of The Japan Forum &Remarks by the Superintendent of Schools & the Mayor of the City of Menasha

7:00 PM -Drumming presented by Hane Daiko 

7:25 PM -Exhibition and demonstration of KARATE by Level 7 Master Suzuki and his partner 

7:45 PM -Drumming by the Hishou Daiko

8:10 PM -Hands-on drumming workshop for audience participants

Menasha is proud to host the only K-12 Japanese program in the state, bringing this cultural experiance to the residents of Menasha and the Fox Cities.