October 31, 2010

Congratulations to our BlueJays for a fantastic season. Being the smallest school in the FVA hasn't stopped the Bluejays from developing an amazing program and winning the FVA championship again in 2010. Kudos to the players and Coach Korth.

It's clear that the team is full of pride and that pride has rubbed off on the community. Going to the homecoming game was an amazing experience, never have I seen so many alumni, parents, students, and community members so enthusiastically supporting their team. The stands were again packed for the first play-off game against Green Bay Southwest, and again last night at Kimberly. Menasha rallied around our team and they made us proud.

While the BlueJays were clearly dominant in the first play-off game, it was clear right from the start that we were equally matched with Kimberly. The crowds went wild when it was Menasha with the first score on the board. At the half, with two touch downs each, the enthusiasm in the stands was electrifying. The third quarter wasn't our strong point, however, the team came on strong again in the fourth right to the end. While the loss at 27-34 was disappointing, the game and spirit of the team and fans is clearly something to be proud of.

It's a season and a team that the community will remember. Go BlueJays!



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