August 07, 2010

The weather was perfect, the band was excellent, and the food must have been edible because it's ALL gone! The annual picnic, held at Smith Park this year, was lots of fun for all who attended. What better way to meet your neighbors, or listen to some great bluegrass music by the "Goodtime Specials".

The hot dogs, buns and soda right ran out around 6 p.m., necessitating a run to get more so that everyone who wanted to eat was fed. For the record, the picnic served: 252 buns, 249 brats & hot dogs, 204 cookies, 4 big watermelons, 70 bottles of water, 32 juice boxes, 216 cans of soda, 200 chip packs, and 40 pounds of pasta salad, the attendance was estimated at well over 250.

Again, thanks to all who pitched in. It was a great evening and there were lots of smiling faces at the end of it. It's so great to see people of all ages come together this way. For those who could not make it tonight, so sorry you missed a great time hope to see you next year!

The Doty Island Development Council sponsors this great event that makes Menasha, and the island neighborhood a great place to live.


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