May 16, 2010

Since 1960, Public Works Week has been celebrated to enhance the prestige of the often unsung heroes of our society, the professionals who serve the public good every day with quiet dedication.

You may know them as the person who plows the snow, picks up the leaves, or maintains the infrastructure below our streets. While public works may not be as flashy as other services provided by the community the department provides the bulk of the city services that you use on a day to day basis. Our public works department, 30 strong, provides for the heath, safety, comfort, and quality of life that we all enjoy here in Menasha.

National Public Works Week is a celebration of the tens of thousands of men and women in North America who provide the services that allow us to have a high quality of life here in Menasha and beyond. Take a moment to introduce yourself to one of our dedicated public works staff this week and let them know that you appreciate the services that they provide.


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