December 06, 2009

We're all out there to find that perfect gift for our loved ones this year. The process is a familiar one, whether you live in Menasha or Seattle, bundle up and drive out to the mall and pick from a number of mass produced items at identical stores. This year may be the year to bring back some of the magic from our childhood and shop local.

Many of us remember the Christmas windows at Prange's downtown Appleton, not to mention the special Christmas department with Santa on 7th floor. Prange's doesn't exist any longer, nor do Menasha mainstays like Wanserski's, Moon's, Tuchsherer's, Linsdau's, or Zimmer's; however, in their place many unique businesses have sprung up to spark the local character once again.

Locally owned businesses help maintain Menasha’s unique heritage and provide a genuine, quality experience in celebration of our community. As consumers, when we patronize local stores and restaurants, 68 cents of every dollar stays in the local economy. That compares with only 14 cents when you shop at a chain or a national business. The money spent at local stores comes back to us in jobs, tax revenue and, perhaps most important, quality of life and variety in our homes and neighborhoods.

We see a variety of local businesses throughout the community, on the island, downtown, the Appleton Road corridor, and our eastern boundary. From longtime favorites like Club Tavern, Noffke Lumber, Chef Fresh Pizza, and Manderfield's to more recent arrivals like Wreath Factory, Wild Apple, Aspen Coffee, Go Wild With Birds, Natural Healthy Concepts, Primitive Gatherings Quilts, or Lake Park Swim & Fit; Menasha is full of unique businesses with a multitude of opportunities for gifts this year.

Shop locally this year,

keep your dollars close to home,

employ your neighbors, your friends,

help bind our community together!



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