July 28, 2009

It doesn't take much effort to have your dog want to please you, but these canines really showed off. July 25th & 26th brought the North American Dog Agility Council dog agility trials to Menasha for a second year this time at Jefferson Park.

What IS dog agility? About as much fun as you can have with your dog … there's a very good chance you have seen some form of the sport on TV, but it's a whole lot more exciting when you see it up-close and in person from just a few feet outside the ring. Generally speaking, Dog Agility is a sport where dog & handler teams work their way through an obstacle course made up of ground speed obstacles, weave poles, tunnels, jumps, and climbing obstacles which take the dog to several times their own height.

Dog & handler teams from across the Upper Midwest navigated the courses on their way to placements, lifetime achievement awards, and titles sanctioned by the most exciting venue in the sport. NADAC dogs typically reach speeds of up to 7 yards per second while running these challenging courses. Last year one of the teams successfully completed the entire course while the handler was as much as 70 feet away from the dog (completely the opposite end of the ring)!

The dogs competing this year ranged from those having National Championships under their collar to the 'household pet' who may just be getting started in their very first event. You just never know what will happen during these entertaining and skillful runs.

All in all it was a great weekend for dogs and people alike, both will be returning next year to do it again be sure not to miss it.


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  1. The dogs were fun to watch and the people running with them were really nice! Very informative and willing to tell us all about how they trained and the dogs' stories ... it was good to have them back again this year!